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A Service To Celebrate The Life Of Dudley John Wilson

Firstly, thank you everyone for showing your love and support for Dudley today, and over the past year and more. Dudley didn’t seem to be with us very long, his natural life was just two years and three months. Somehow, in that short time he managed to touch more hearts than some of us might manage in seventy or eighty years. It never ceased to amaze Ailie and I that, wherever we went, Dudley attracted friends and strangers alike, lured by his “surf dude” hair and his magical sparkly eyes, and finally captivated by the smile he freely gave them. It makes us very proud and humbled how he managed that, and how he always seemed so happy. I wish we all had such a gift. Since he was born, Dudley loved being outdoors, and from his earliest walks through the countryside he was always fascinated by trees and nature. He loved watching his three spaniels splashing through the river. He loved seeing birds flying overhead, or watching cows come up to a field gate, meeting their big brown eyes with his own special smile. He loved the beach. He loved motorbikes, and squealed with delight when he saw tractors. He loved being pushed around the garden in his little car. Dudley had a swing beneath a tree in our garden. When he was little I used to lift his swing right up into the leaves, and eventually one day he pointed at the tree and said his first words, “Up There!” Dudley created, and shared some very special times that now in turn give us all fantastic memories.... read more

Grand Total from Thorne Manor

Hey everyone.  Today we had the sheer pleasure of being presented a massive cheque from Claire Burnell and all the team at Thorne Manor Nursery with the total amount raised from ALL the activities done in aid of Dudley from the nursery, family events, village fund raising and online donations.  The Grand Total from everyone’s hard work and effort is a staggering £12,580.38!!  Absolutely unreal.  There are so many people to thank but for now thank you to everyone who has raised funds, supported the cause, donated, given their time and sent us messages of well wishes.  This has been an incredible effort from all those involved and we are truly feeling loved and supported.  Our hats are well off our heads tonight.  When Claire instigated the fund raising and suggested a £500 goal we were humbled but had no idea if we would reach it, nevermind surpass it by such an enormous amount. There are still some important events being planned for Dudley including David Divitos walking for wonders. Donations are still being taken via this website. Thank you and much love, us!... read more


Hello there to anyone new visiting. Dudley had a lovely Christmas, he met Father Christmas quite a few times, we managed to visit the amazing eden project with all the Christmas lights. They closed the rainforest dome for an hour to make it all christmassy and then opened it in the dark. Dudley loved it and it felt so special. We also made it to the national marine aquarium in Plymouth which was just perfect for Dudley as he could sit and watch all the marine life, obviously his favourite was seeing all the nemos! We had a quiet Christmas and most importantly a hospital and illness free Christmas so we were very relieved. Dudley is currently in really good health and he’s strong and progressing which is impressing his medical team. Thank you all so much for supporting us and our family, we really are eternally grateful. We’ll be posting updates regularly. Much love.... read more
Hi dear supporters

Hi dear supporters

Hi dear supporters. I thought it was about time to add a little update myself. I just want to say on behalf of Dudley, Ailie and I how eternally grateful we are for the relentless support of Team Duds at Thorne Manor, and to all you lovely people for your astonishing generosity. Words cannot express our appreciation, and more important than the funds raised is the massive emotional support we are feeling from your interest in our predicament. We don’t know where many of the contributions have come from so please forgive us for not thanking you personally. I assure you all that it is a much valued distraction from what is actually an impossibly dreadful situation for us and it is helping keep us all glued together for now. Thank you. Big love, Jamie, Ailie, Dudley... read more